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We start every project with the two principals of an effective website – quality design and effective communication. In plain English, this means that your website design needs to make sense to your customers and it needs to communicate that you’re a quality provider of your products or services, and it needs to be done quickly.

The average attention span of a visitor on any website is 12 seconds. That means, we have to create a sales framework through the design and the content to convince them to stay a little longer and take the next step.

We don’t create Picasso’s, we create effective websites designed for the purpose of selling your product, service, or your non-profit’s mission. In this sense, an effective online presence is having a website which emphasizes the content, not the design.

If you’re looking for a design which showcases your small business or non-profit or sells your products online through an e-commerce platform, you can trust us with the responsibility just as hundreds of others have since 2002.

Showcase your company only the way Renaya can. With Renaya, your success is how we measure our own.

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