Our Team

Our Team

Our staff our experts in their respective fields, however we always feed off of one another. Creative prowess comes from brainstorming, several gallons of coffee and chai, air hockey, and the right mix of personalities around a dry/erase board. Lucky for us, we have it all!

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Head Honcho/Account Executive

Starting Renaya with just himself and his cat in 2002, Shariq managed all of our clients AND designed their websites for the first 5 years. Now, he gets to have fancy lunches and trim his beard whenever he wants.


Account Executive

Hailing from Silicon Valley, Jessica is known to work through weekends and episodes of Breaking Bad to meet deadlines and answer our client’s questions. Leaky faucet? She can fix that too.


Web Developer

Focusing on the more tedious aspects of a website, Dan works hard to ensure your HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP are functioning just right. In other words, he ensure your site works.


Robert aka Bob…by
Web Developer

Born in Seattle, Robert just can’t let go of his sweater. Other than getting really hot around the office, he’s a guru when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, CSS, and layout design.


Web/Graphics Designer

With a degree in Creative Marketing, Ray focuses on designing layouts and graphics which sell. Seen an orange skateboarder in downtown Houston? Thaaaaat’s him.


Eddie aka Draper
Social Media Strategist

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram have all fallen prey to Eddie’s creative strategies. Who’s going to design your campaign you ask? Meet our very own Don Draper.


Social Media Strategist

Pursuing a Master’s in Digital Marketing, Tammy loves working with our clients to push their projects through interactive platforms. Tired of seeing all those cat videos? You can blame her for a good chunk of those!



I write persuasive content for our clients. If you’re getting custom copy, you’re getting it from me. I also wrote and optimized all of the content on our site as well, including this blurb! :)


Customer Service

Folks, don’t be alarmed. Eric thought it’d be funny to provide us with his high school yearbook photo, thinking we wouldn’t put it up. How do ya’ like that Eric? Other than taking funky pictures, Eric is our go-to guy when it comes to handling the little details and treating you like royalty.